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About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

  • If your roof is an insurance claim for storm damage, we will, almost always be able to do the job for what your insurance company will pay.  We take the worry out of you hands and will conduct the business with your insurance company along with or for you.  We will be at your site anytime that the insurance company shows up so we can make sure you are getting the full value from your policy.


  • If your roof is old and needs to be replaced, we feel like we will be the very best price you will receive. Give us the opportunity to show you!  


  • We offer a three year warranty on our workmanship and will repair any damage that might occur due to our workmanship at no cost.

​How We Give You The Very Best Product And Service

  • We use CertainTeed, Atlas and Other Premium Roofing Products. 

    In addition to these top quality products, there are two items that we put on every roof project that we complete:  

    First is Ice & Water Barrier, which goes the full length of every valley and around every penetration on your roof.  This gives you extra protection on the two most common areas on roofs where leaks develop. 

    Second is the use of CertainTeed High Performance Starter Strip around every exposed edge on your home.  This product gives you a higher wind resistance and a stronger edge to your roof.  Most roofing contractors use a cheaper option of taking a 3-Tab Shingle and turning it around backwards for a starter.  We will not do that because we would not use anything but the best solutions on our own roofs at our homes and know that you want the same quality on yours. 

    These two products will help extend the life of your roof and even with these two additional items, our prices are generally as or more competitive than other contractors.  These two products are rarely, if ever, paid for by the insurance companies, so when we put them on your insurance roof replacement, that comes directly out of our profit.  Again, we feel that these are essential products to give you the very best roof system.

    If you have a 3-tab shingle roof and your insurance will only pay for a 20 year 3-tab shingle, we will put a 30 year 3-tab shingle back on your roof at no additional cost.  Other contractors will put 20 year shingles back on your roof...we will get a better product from at no additional cost! 

    Regardless the reason, I know you will be very happy with the quality and speed with which we complete your roof.  We do many other remodeling and repair work projects.  When we come inspect your roof, will look at all of your soffit and fascia for repair needs and we also offer superior seamless guttering. 

    We have MANY excellent references available upon request from our many satisfied customers!

    If your roof is in bad shape or you think you might have storm damage, you need to take action soon; otherwise you may end up with serious interior damage from leaks.  This could cause you to have a very difficult and long remodeling project that will be a serious interruption in your daily life.  Believe me; it is not worth all of that trouble!  We generally can have your project completed in 1 to 3 days.

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